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The Sage Thought Leadership Podcast is dedicated to the possibility that entrepreneurs continue the work of creation. We celebrate them by allowing them to tell their stories and share their knowledge with others. In doing so we energize the success of businesses around the world through the imagination of our people and the power of technology.

May 23, 2023

Brian Seidel is the CEO and Co-Founder of CIMcloud (by Website Pipeline), a boot-strapped SaaS company based in Greenville, SC.  Brian’s team invented the Customer Interaction Management (CIM) software category – which combines B2B Ecommerce and CRM integrated with existing ERP/accounting software systems.  Through countless mistakes and piles of work (and rework), CIMcloud went from the unfinished basement of Brian’s home to the Inc. 5,000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America for seven consecutive years. 
  • Introducing Brian Seidel, co-founder of CIMCloud.
  • Customer self-service is the number one tactic for lowering customer effort.
  • Customer interaction management is a double win.
  • Integrating the concepts from The Effortless Experience into his solution.
  • Who is Brian’s hero and why?
Sage marketplace listing for the CIMcloud product on the Sage price list