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The Sage Thought Leadership Podcast is dedicated to the possibility that entrepreneurs continue the work of creation. We celebrate them by allowing them to tell their stories and share their knowledge with others. In doing so we energize the success of businesses around the world through the imagination of our people and the power of technology.

Oct 12, 2021

Kevin Cullen is the president of Leadera Consulting Group. He has spent 40 years working in the field of personal and organizational transformation, providing business consulting, training, and development to individual leaders and Fortune 500 companies. His expertise and commitment to the development of leadership skills within an organization have allowed business leaders to define and seize growth opportunities, rapidly improve performance, build the culture, and attain specific, measurable business results within their organizations. Kevin has found the key to achieving extraordinary results versus more of the same is created through disruption and coaches his clients on how to be effective disruptors in their organizations.

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